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The Wellness Market curated by Brown Sugar Coffee Wellness Panel
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Coming Soon! Our Coffee will be on the market this summer! Bringing Wellness to your cup! 

Our Mission

"At Brown Sugar n' Coffee, we are dedicated to fostering holistic wellness and community empowerment through innovative approaches and inclusive experiences. Through our hiking group, Herbs and Hikes, we provide opportunities for connection with nature, physical activity, and herbal education, embracing the healing power of the outdoors. At our signature event, The Wellness Market, we curate a vibrant space where small businesses thrive, offering diverse products and services that promote well-being. Through interactive physical activities and enlightening wellness panels, we aim to educate and inspire our community to prioritize their health. At the heart of our mission is a commitment to education through unconventional methods of delivery, ensuring accessibility and relevance to all. We believe that by celebrating diversity, fostering community, and embracing unique learning opportunities, we can empower individuals to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives."

"At Brown Sugar n' Coffee, we are dedicated to fostering holistic wellness and community empowerment through innovative approaches, inclusive experiences and education. We aim to dismantle barriers to accessing things we inherently deserve.

Brown Sugar Coffee LOGO

Health is crucial for communities of color as it embodies the foundation of empowerment, resilience, and equitable opportunities. By prioritizing health, we recognize and affirm the intrinsic worth and dignity of every individual within these communities. Health not only ensures physical well-being but also fosters mental and emotional strength, enabling individuals to thrive and contribute fully to society. 


Community is the cornerstone of human connection, fostering belonging, support, and growth. By nurturing communities, we create spaces where individuals thrive collectively, exchanging ideas, resources, and empathy. Through shared experiences and diverse perspectives, communities empower individuals to achieve common goals, amplify voices, and effect positive change. 


Representation is crucial for BIPOC communities within the wellness space to foster inclusivity, validate diverse experiences, and empower individuals to prioritize their holistic health without cultural barriers. By seeing themselves reflected in wellness media, products, and services, individuals feel seen, heard, and supported in their journey towards physical, mental, and emotional well-being, ultimately promoting equity and self-empowerment in the pursuit of health and healing.

The Wellness Market curated by Brown Sugar Coffee Afrobeat Bootcamp

Our Journey

Community saved our life. It gave us purpose. 

Who knew that an idea the size of a chia seed would grow to impact lives. Toward the end of the year of 2022 was the conception of what would become the Inland Empire's greatest wellness curated events for a community that was often overlooked in the sector of health and wellness. With intention, value and community in mind, Brown Sugar N' Coffee began a movement.

Brown Sugar N' Coffee's mission to dismantling barriers to resources, information, and community that are attributable to holistic health and dimensions of wellness has impacted lives. Our initiative has decreased thwarted belongingness and bridged the gap between social-emotional health and wellbeing to access to health practitioners. 

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What People Have to Say

My experience was amazing! I really loved seeing the authenticity in the space and that there is a space where creatives can just be. I will definitely be back!


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